What To Look For In The Upcoming Big NFT Project 2023?

Originally the punchline of JPG jokes, the big NFT project 2023 has transformed into real blockchain applications that might be able to compete with DeFi. It’s obvious that institutional investors are aware of NFTs, which is why cryptocurrency aficionados, retail traders, and casual NFT fans are eagerly loading up on apes, bricks, and mutants in the hopes of obtaining some.

What rules should novice NFT investors and traders follow when looking for NFT projects that are likely to succeed or whose assets will rise in value? To understand this better, you might find it helpful to work with an NFT Marketplace Development Company.

NFT basics and two particularly crucial aspects

Non-fungible Tokens, or big NFT project 2023, are unique blockchain projects that have control over the network.

Here is an illustration of how NFTs work:

  • Between us, there is just one $50 bill.
  • The two bills are identical; there is no difference in their values.
  • Your $50 becomes significantly more valuable and completely transforms from what it was previously if a prominent person signs it.
  • Similar to how the value of big NFT project 2023 is determined by its rarity and the likelihood that its price would rise

At the moment, volatility and uncertainty are what distinguish NFTs. Before they fall to nothing, many experiences a 10- or 100-fold growth in just a few short weeks.

Before entering this industry, your endeavors must be carefully researched and evaluated. Even while purchasing a top token at this time may require less effort than investing in an NFT, the advantages of becoming an expert in this sector will almost certainly outweigh the costs.

Although very few people can claim to be experts in this sector, NFT will play a large part in the metaverse, art, collectibles, gaming, DeFi, utilities, and sports in the future.

  • Collectibles (e.g. CryptoPunks)

CryptoPunks, which is recognized as one of the earliest examples of “irreplaceable tokens” on Ethereum, is one of the major factors that helped NFTs become more widely accepted.

According to Footprint, there were $8.15 million worth of CryptoPunks transactions on November 10—eight times the amount of NBA Top Shot transactions.

The total value moved between users is counted in total volume, one of the fundamental measures in the NFT market.

The type, quantity, combination, and level of personal choice of an attribute establish a Punk’s value. Employing an avatar as your profile avatar has come to signify your online identity because each one is unique. Nowadays, people will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to digitally advertise their bank accounts or support cryptocurrencies.

One of the first big NFT project 2023 projects on the Ethereum network is Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks, a collection of 10,000 randomly created pixelated avatars of crypto-punk NFT artifacts.

CryptoPunks were absolutely free when they were first made available, but they were quickly taken. Punks have now been sold 11,744 times during the course of the preceding year.

According to Larva Labs, “#3100,” which fetched $7.58 million at auction on March 11 is currently the most well-liked Punk song. It has increased in value by 2100% to 35,000 ETH, or almost $167 million. The world’s most expensive NFT is found there.

Why are these punks so valuable?

  • The first big NFT project 2023 in history will always be CryptoPunks, and they will always be hard to come by.
  • Unquestionably, they are a status symbol.


  • In gaming, NFTs (e.g. Axie infinity)

Axie Infinity provides liquidity based on scarcity thanks to its unique economic structure.

In the game Axie endless, created by blockchain firm Sky Mavis in Vietnam, players may create, collect, and trade in-game NFTs like land, goods, and animals known as Axies. Mark Cuban and Andreessen Horowitz, among others, invested hundreds of millions in it.

It provides a glimpse into a period in the future where work and play are combined into one with its play-to-earn economic philosophy.

How can you recognise the next massive big NFT project 2023?

Within these niches, NFTs have a wholly unique future trajectory and cut across many other industries, including collectibles, gaming, and the arts.

Instead of making general judgments about NFTs as a whole, you should analyse specific projects within their appropriate context, concentrating on the problems they are trying to solve, the unique experiences they expect to produce, and the team’s ability to make their objectives a reality.

  • Information about the project team

This is a team with a lot of potential if the founders are knowledgeable in both blockchain technology and games. For instance, the Axie Infinity team developed the most well-liked virtual pet game in the Ethereum ecosystem, Kingdom. The founding team of CryptoPunks, a company with a long history of successful blockchain and app development, including a computer science expert with a Ph.D.

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  • Partners and investors

The project’s visibility and validity will rise with the participation of a well-known venture capitalist. For instance, at a $3 billion valuation, a16z led the $150 million financing round for Axie Infinity.

  • Transaction volume

Axie Infinity and CryptoPunks are two examples of top projects that have high transaction rates. The amount of transactions will rise quickly after a sharp rise in participants, enhancing user confidence. But don’t write off new initiatives too quickly.

  • Liquidity

By analysing liquidity, you can tell whether the market’s asset mix is dynamic or static. For example, if you invest in a certain NFT with a slow market, you can find it challenging to sell it for a profit or you might need to wait for more participants. A trend of sluggish sales may affect the market value of your big NFT project 2023 because the sale price is made public in the public NFT sales records.

Value Assessment

When producing or owning an NFT, it is important to consider its intrinsic value, which also includes the following other values in addition to scarcity.

  • Exchange Value: The NFT’s purchasing power, or value when compared to other assets like money, is its exchange value.
  • Use Value: Use value is the quality of a good that contains components like enjoyment value, collector value, social value, production value, etc. Use value define as a good’s capacity to satisfy a need.
  • Value for entertainment: The NFT has humorous qualities and can be used in gaming and leisure environments.
  • Value to collectors: The NFT demonstrates attributes of value preservation, appreciation, and remembering, which are valuable to collectors.
  • Social Value: NFT products with a sizable user and fan following have social value because they give users the ability to express themselves, reveal their identities, engage in communities, establish trust, or just flaunt their wealth.
  • Production Value: This NFT has the potential to be profitable in terms of production value.

A CryptoPunk’s true worth determine by the user’s capacity to use it to showcase their place within the crypto community. In Axiom Infinity, NFTs provide players the opportunity to spend more money while they play and change the gameplay environment.

The Last Wise Words

Given their rapid growth, it is hardly surprising that institutional investors are investing in NFTs. Regardless of whether a project use as a status symbol or as an opportunity to make money, wise investors must properly study it before making a value judgement.

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